Latest report on the cooler industry

Apr 03, 2024
Cooling goods competition scene This is COOLiFY. This is COOLiFY. This summer, the entry of wearable air conditioners has intensified the battle in the cooler world. Will the usual champions, neck coolers and neck fans, win this year? Or will wearable air conditioners be this year's winner?
Wearable air conditioners, which have been gaining attention since last year, have created a huge scramble for cooling products this summer. Is this wearable air conditioner an evolution of the neck coolers we buy every year to prevent heatstroke? Or is it a different product?

First up was veteran team Neck Cooler.
The neck cooler that you all know well includes various products. As the name suggests, this product provides a cooler (coldness) to the neck. In other words, all cooling goods that you hang around the neck can be called "neck coolers". Now, let me introduce the neck cooler team.

Neck Cooler

PCM material neck cooler

Freezes below 28℃

Features: Lightweight, affordable, versatile, and easy to use.


  1. The temperature cannot be adjusted.

  2. Supercooling can cause skin irritation.

  3. It becomes lukewarm in a short time.

  4. Not suitable for long-term use.

Neck Fan

Cooling by fan blowing method

Features: Affordable, cools your body with a pleasant breeze
  1. Hair gets tangled easily.
  2. It is easily affected by the external environment, so the cooling effect is not very strong.
  3. The air outlet of a neck fan is usually located at the front, so the wind hits the face directly, making it prone to dryness.
  4. There is also the problem of loud noise.

Neck Cooler

Electric Peltier element? Metal plate? Be careful!

Features: A heat-relief item that can be worn around the neck to directly cool down
  1. The temperature cannot be adjusted.
  2. I feel a tightening sensation around the sides of my neck.
  3. If you have a thicker neck, you need to check the size carefully.

Finally, a team to watch... Wearable air conditioners have arrived. The pioneering COOLiFY series will soon be making its appearance as the representative of the wearable air conditioner team.

The COOLiFY series uses air conditioner technology to improve the cooling effect, and some products also have a heating function. In addition to the neck air conditioner, there is also the "COOLiFY ZONE" waist-mounted air conditioner. Let me introduce the COOLiFY series.


Feels like -20°C

Cooling and heating for all seasons
Cooling plate with Peltier element and graphene material
Equipped with three semiconductor cooling plates , COOLiFY Cyber ​​has the largest cooling area ever, with 70% more cooling effect than previous products, providing an amazing cooling experience.
The refreshing breeze provided by the patented six upper air vents and two lower air vents will blow away the muggy heat in an instant .
Equipped with a large capacity 6000mAh battery , it can operate for up to 4 hours in cooling mode , and up to 13 hours when used with the fan . It also supports 20W quick charging , and can be charged up to 100% in just 2 hours .
Equipped with AI, COOLiFY Cyber ​​can be controlled by the app. You can freely combine the cooling plate and fan to create your own mode . The temperature can be adjusted steplessly by the app. The NTC automatic detection device (AUTO function) realizes automatic temperature control and automatically adjusts the optimal cooling mode .


It can keep the temperature cold for a long time!

Cooling and heating for all seasons
Peltier element on cooling plate
Award history: Winner of the Tsutaya Electrics Grand Prize, and overall 1st place in the Mybest neck fan category !
The cooling area is the second largest in the COOLiFY series. With two Peltier elements on either side of your neck, you can feel the cold from the moment you put it on.
With a 5000mAh battery, it can run for up to 28 hours in Eco mode in Fan mode. With 18W fast charging , it can be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes . Its cooling power lasts even outdoors in midsummer, and you can keep feeling cool.
The up and down ventilation function on both sides of the neck and the cooling plate quickly lower your body temperature and return you to a comfortable state. It can be controlled by an app. You can adjust the optimal mode depending on the situation.


Fashionable cooling products

Cooling and heating for all seasons
Peltier element on cooling plate
In 2022, the original COOLIFY has been improved! The cooling area at the rear has been increased by 340% .
With semiconductor cooling and patented vertical airflow design, it can quickly lower your body temperature, allowing you to comfortably enjoy outdoor activities such as summer walks, shopping, and short trips.
The most important point: The patented integrated air inlet and outlet prevents hair from getting caught in the fan . Recommended for women!!
The lightest in the COOLiFY series, this is a wearable air conditioner that can be used as an accessory !


Equip yourself to the waist

Cooling only, PCM material
If you want to lower the temperature of your entire body, not just your neck , we recommend you consider COOLiFY ZONE, as well as COOLiFY Cyber, COOLiFY 2S, and COOLiFY Air.
It is worn around the waist and eliminates the sticky feeling caused by sweat on the upper body .

With three usage modes and various wearing methods, it can meet various cooling needs such as commuting, outdoor work, indoor office and recreational activities.
The belt is highly adjustable, so it can be worn by people of all ages and genders, with a wide range of body types.

The players who will be taking part in the cooling goods competition this summer have been introduced. What do you think?
Be sure to support this year's popular team, COOLiFY, the representative of wearable air conditioners (neck coolers).