"Cooling the body", which parts should be cooled?

Apr 07, 2024
Every summer, the word "heat stroke" is often heard in the news along with "extremely hot days." Heat stroke is a disaster that can be avoided, so it is essential to take preventative measures based on accurate knowledge. Knowing where to cool down is an especially effective method of prevention.

When cooling the body, which parts should be cooled?

The three most basic areas for local cooling are the three major local areas: (1) both sides of the anterior neck (left and right sides of the front of the neck), (2) the armpits (both armpits), and (3) the groin (front of the groin). Heatstroke prevention guidebooks published by various local governments also state that " cooling the neck, armpits, etc. with ice is effective. "

There are large blood vessels and arteries on both sides of the neck, and because there is a lot of blood flow, cooling the area around the neck cools the blood in the body and effectively provides a cooling sensation to the entire body . In addition, the back of the neck is a place that is easily sensitive to changes in body temperature! Cooling this area helps keep the body comfortable.

"Cool Triangle" pursues the ultimate in neck cooling

For the reasons mentioned above, "neck fans," "neck coolers," and "wearable air conditioners" are all worn around the neck to cool both sides of the neck.

However, some of the neck coolers listed above only focus on one area, the front and back of the neck, or the back. Unfortunately, they all ignore the back of the neck , which is sensitive to temperature changes, and the left and right sides of the neck , which can effectively lower body temperature , and cool them at the same time.

Now, let's take a look at the new COOLiFY series that will be released this year. There is a triangular part behind the COOLiFY Air and Cyebr!! That part is COOLiFY's secret weapon, the "Cool Triangle"!! The role of the "Cool Triangle" is to give you a better cooling experience .

COOLiFY's "Cool Triangle" is a cooling plate placed on the back of the neck, the part of the body that feels the best cooling sensation , allowing the user to feel the optimal coolness . This year's COOLiFY series offers two "Cool Triangle" patterns.

COOLiFY Cyber ​​= ultra-cool wearable air conditioner

COOLiFY Cybe r is a wearable air conditioner that makes full use of the "Cool Triangle."

In order to give users the ultimate cooling sensation, TORRAS has created a "Cool Triangle" exclusively for COOLiFY Cyber. That's right! The cooling plate of COOLiFY Cyber's "Cool Triangle" extends from the back of the neck, where the cooling sensation is the best, to the left and right sides of the neck, where the cooling effect is also great. Therefore, with COOLiFY Cyber's "Cool Triangle" , users can get the ultimate cooling sensation on the left and right sides and back of their neck.

This supreme cooling sensation is provided by a patented cooling plate made of three Peltier elements. The surface of the Cyber's cooling plate is covered with graphene material, which has excellent heat dissipation properties, which further increases the coolness. In addition, the COOLiFY Cyber ​​also has a patented four-way ventilation function on both sides of the neck. If you don't want to use the cooling plate, you can blow away the summer heat with the gentle breeze of the COOLiFY Cyber.

In order to enhance the "cool triangle" of COOLiFY Cyber, the highest level in the COOLiFY series, TORRAS has also developed an NTC automatic detection device (AUTO function) . This function is that it is a smart neck air conditioner that not only supports mobile phone app control, but also realizes AUTO mode, automatic detection by built-in four thermistors , intelligent detection of ambient temperature , and automatic temperature control to provide optimal cooling for the human body. Temperature control can be accurately adjusted to 0.1 degrees Celsius.

COOLiFY Air = gentle cooling sensation

COOLiFY Air is a wearable air conditioner developed for people who are sensitive to cold, have poor circulation, suffer from air conditioning disease (air conditioner disease), or dislike air conditioners. COOLiFY Air is a new product for 2024 that is an improved version of COOLiFY1, the first wearable air conditioner on the market in 2021.

COOLiFY Air extends the cooling plate on the back of COOLiFY 1 to the back. The increased cooling area and its location ( the best place to feel cool - the back of the neck ) allow COOLiFY Air to provide instant cooling . For those who want to stay cool but don't like strong air conditioners, the parts of COOLiFY Air that come into contact with the left and right sides of the neck are equipped with bladeless fans (so you don't have to worry about getting your hair caught) instead of cooling plates.

COOLiFY Air provides the coolness of air conditioning and a gentle, cool breeze that will help you forget the humid summer heat in an instant.