Mr. Kuri: Mysterious black border? Protect the display!

Jun 09, 2023
Hello, this is Kuri from TORRAS Co., Ltd.!

Did you know? WWDC23 will be held at 2am on June 6th, Japan time.
I'm so excited about the chestnut!

I'm planning to stay up all night today! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧
Watch it here → Apple JP official website
Watch it here → Apple JP official website
Only three months until Apple releases its new model!
Are you switching to a new smartphone?

Today, we'll be introducing TORRAS glass film, which will perfectly protect your display !
It's a panda! Not a polar bear that stayed up all night!
It's a panda! Not a polar bear that stayed up all night!
"The glass film broke even though I didn't drop it!"
"The corners of the glass film are cracked!"
"Only one corner has cracked. Should I just peel it off? But it's a pain to put back on, and the new one might just crack too! What should I do?"
Don't you usually think that way?
Today, let's solve all of the above problems once and for all with a single TORRAS black-bezel glass film !
We would also like to uncover the secret behind this black border!
360° full protection! Kuri-chan will protect you
360° full protection! Kuri-chan will protect you
Protect your entire smartphone!
Unlike regular glass films, glass films with black borders completely cover the FaceID sensor area and the black border area of ​​the smartphone screen.
2.5D technology rounds the edges of the rounded edged glass, allowing it to withstand pressure from any direction and making it stronger than ordinary tempered glass.
Additionally, the edges are the same black color as the display frame, giving it a natural appearance.
Furthermore, TORRAS glass film has passed rigorous edge compression strength tests, so the edges will not shatter even if they are subjected to an impact of 40 kg, giving you peace of mind knowing that every corner of your display is protected.
So here's a question!
1.What is the edge compression strength test?
②What is the reason for focusing on edge design?
A question from Professor Cri!
A question from Professor Cri!
Teacher Kris' answer:
①The edge compression strength test involves applying a pressure of ≧40kg to the edge.
Passing this test proves that the edges of the glass film are strong and less likely to break even if dropped.
②According to the " Consumer Trends Survey " published by the Cabinet Office, the average number of years that people have used a mobile phone is 4.4 years as of March 2023.
Replacement status of major durable consumer goods (Image taken from the Cabinet Office's "Consumer Trends Survey")
Replacement status of major durable consumer goods (Image taken from the Cabinet Office's "Consumer Trends Survey")
On the other hand, attaching and removing glass films is also a hassle, so with the aim of reducing the frequency of glass film replacement until the next phone purchase, and providing customers with a better smartphone experience, the TORRAS development team has worked hard to extend the life of the glass film.

During our research, we found that glass films often crack from the corners, so by strengthening the pressure resistance of the edges, we could significantly improve the lifespan of the glass film.

Therefore, a glass film with an extremely thin black border made using secondary strengthening technology has been introduced, overturning the common belief that the edges of tempered glass are weak.
It's effective at hiding dust, and the screen display isn't covered by a black border!
Usually, glass films with black borders have high coverage. When installing it yourself, it is often difficult to attach the edge of the film neatly to the screen, and there are often gaps between the screen and the film.
In fact, regardless of whether or not there is a black bezel, dust will begin to accumulate on the edges over time. The black bezel hides the dust and reduces the presence of the glass film.
In addition, TORRAS glass films are shipped with a high-precision guide frame, so you can completely prevent the screen display area from being covered by a black frame due to misalignment when applying the film!
Professor Kuri's conclusion: TORRAS glass film is expensive, but it's worth buying!
Note: May interfere with case installation
The higher the coverage, the more likely it is to interfere with the fit of the case.
Therefore, we recommend TORRAS' " UPRO Ostand " and " UPRO Ostand R " iPhone cases to iPhone users! Using them together will improve your sense of unity and your usage experience.
UPRO Stand
Oh no! WWDC is starting soon!
That's all for the lesson!
Let's meet again ~ /ΘェΘ)/
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