TOR Forum: New iOS 17 features released at WWDC23! What is the best fit for these new features?

Jun 09, 2023
Did you all watch Apple's WWDC23?
The new iPhoneOS, " ios17 ", was released at WWDC23.
The official release will be this fall, but new updates such as "Standby" and "Live Voicemail" will also be introduced that have not been available in previous OS versions, so I can't wait for fall to arrive!
iOS17 to be released this fall Image: Apple
iOS17 released this fall
Image: Apple
Here, we recommend TORRAS " UPRO Ostand " and " UPRO Ostand R " to those who want to make full use of the "Standby" and "Live Voicemail" functions!
Now let me explain how to use this a little at a time.
  1. The best feature for horizontal placement: "Standby"
StandBy is a feature that allows you to use the iPhone lock screen while charging.
Simply place your iPhone sideways while charging and the lock screen will also be sideways.
In addition to displaying the clock, you can also use widgets such as a calendar, schedule, and gallery.
Image: Apple
Image: Apple
For those who like the standby function, we recommend the "UPRO Ostand" or "UPRO Ostand R" depending on your charging preferences!
> Using the magsafe charging stand
UPRO Stand black
UPRO Stand black
For those who use the MagSafe charging stand, the UPRO Ostand is the top priority. The Halbach array is equipped with a strong magnet, so it can be firmly attached to the MagSafe charger, so there is no need to worry about it falling off.
When charging with a cable, you can open the stand and place the device horizontally, but since the stand cannot be rotated, there are some limitations to the angle at which it can be placed horizontally.
> Use cable charging
UPRO Ostand R (currently only available in black)
UPRO Ostand R (currently only available in black)
For those who don't use the MagSafe charging stand much and prefer cable charging, we recommend the UPRO Ostand R ! The stand is rotatable, so you can place it on your desk at any angle you like, even when it's horizontal.
In addition, since the "UPRO Ostand R" is also magsafe compatible, I think it will be easy to use for people who want to freely convert between landscape and portrait orientation while keeping the device charging with magsafe.
  • "Live Voicemail" function for answering phone calls while meeting
Live VoiceMail is a feature that displays a real-time transcript of what the other person is saying on the phone.
The live voicemail feature allows you to decide whether to answer or hang up without having to pick up the phone, making it easy to handle calls even during a meeting.
Image: Apple
Image: Apple
The best tool for this function is " UPRO Ostand "!
Simply open the UPRO Ostand and when a call comes in, you no longer have to stop what you're doing and pick up your smartphone to check the transcript.
You can check the contents of your smartphone while standing at your desk, so you can truly free up your hands!
Note: Not compatible with iPhone 8 and X
iOS 17 target models Image: Apple
iOS 17 supported models
Image: Apple
However, iOS 17 is not compatible with iPhone 8 or iPhone X , so if you own an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you should definitely consider switching to a new model.
TORRAS will continue to develop new products in line with the release of new models, so please continue to pay attention to the latest information from TORRAS .
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