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Instant cool down

The perfect gift for a hot summer

Cool down in an instant Equipped with the latest KU 3.0 chip and graphene on the exterior of the product, it brings a new cooling experience to users. Three semiconductor cooling plates provide cooling over an area of ​​14,975mm². Beat the summer heat in an instant.

360° High-Speed ​​Airflow

The high-speed motor rotates at up to 7,200 RPM to provide powerful and comfortable airflow. With six vents on the top and two on the bottom, it blows air over a wide area from your head to your back. Hang the Cyber ​​and enjoy ultimate comfort wherever you go.

"TORRAS COOLiFY" temperature customization app

Three modes: "Ventilation, cooling, heating"

"TORRAS COOLiFY" Temperature Customization App "Ventilation, Cooling, Heating" Three modes "TORRAS COOLiFY" app allows you to get your own cooling experience. You can set different modes and adjust the temperature according to your needs and preferences.

And AUTO mode automatically adapts to maintain the ideal temperature in any scenario. Four built-in thermistors intelligently detect the ambient temperature, achieve automatic temperature control, and provide optimal cooling for the human body. Temperature control can be accurately adjusted to 0.1 degrees Celsius.

Battery can operate continuously for up to 15.5 hours*

COOLiFY Cyber ​​has upgraded the battery, which not only increases the battery capacity by 20%, but also extends the battery life by 39% and reduces the power consumption by 24%, providing you with a more comfortable and long-lasting cooling experience.

*When fan speed is 30

Ergonomic design

Made of high-toughness silicone material, it is not easily deformed even if you take it off frequently. In addition, the patented adjustable design allows it to fit different neck sizes, always giving the wearer the most comfortable COOLiFY wearing experience.

Can be charged while in use

20W Fast Charging

It can be quickly charged from 0% to 80% in just 1.2 hours. What's more, the charging cable adopts an inclined design so that it does not interfere with use during charging.

Extremely portable and convenient

The portable design is perfect for travel and everyday use, allowing you to stay cool wherever you go, and the green packaging is environmentally friendly.

What's in the Box


  • Ships promptly

  • 30-day returns policy

  • 180-day warranty

  • Secure Payment